First of all, the Splinterlands team wants to thank everyone here for being a part of this community and making all of this possible! In the first 24 hours of the Chaos Legion general sale there were a total of 2,109,682 packs sold plus 231,746 bonus packs awarded in 27,249 separate purchase transactions. We will be reviewing the guesses submitted in the contest and will be announcing the winners shortly.

While the website generally held up well during the launch, there were unfortunately some issues with payment processing for credits purchases due to the overwhelming volume. Our development team resolved the issues within a few hours and our support team has been doing a fantastic job of working through the tickets.

Since it ended up taking a while for support to resolve all of the failed credits purchases, we will be extending the window in which all pack sales will be eligible for the next THREE airdrops until 4:00 PM EST / 21:00 UTC today in order to ensure that those people who were waiting on failed purchases have a fair chance of getting their packs in time.

This means that everyone has approximately another 3 hours left to purchase Chaos legion packs that will be eligible for the first three general sale airdrops — plus all of the eight remaining airdrops to be released over the life of the edition!

Three Airdrops?!?

The first two general sale airdrop cards — Lira the Dark and Iza the Fanged — were announced last week in this post, but since we’ve gone over 6M packs sold in total in the first 24 hours of the general sale we’ve unlocked an additional airdrop card!

The additional airdrop card will also be Legendary rarity and have the same 0.2857% chance of being dropped for each pack purchased, meaning that 1 in every 350 packs on average should receive the card.

Additionally, just like with Lira and Iza, players will be GUARANTEED to receive one of the new airdrop cards for every 350 packs purchased before 4 PM EST / 21:00 UTC today! Also like Lira and Iza, each airdropped card will have a 4% chance of being gold foil!

Grum Flameblade

The third airdrop card of the general sale (5th in total, not including Dr. Blight) will be the Legendary Fire Monster — Grum Flameblade! Grum is a massive, 11-Mana, Melee tank with high health and super thick skin that acts like armor. His thick, armored skin also absorbs Magic attacks and it reduces the damage taken from them while he also does double damage to targets that cost 10 or more mana through the Giant Killer ability.

Finally — Grum is the first and only non-Gladiator card to have the Bloodlust ability, which increases all of his stats by 1 point every time he kills an enemy!

Airdrop Timing

We are still in the process of getting everything ready for these next three airdrops, so they will be a little bit delayed. We expect they will be released no later than the next couple of days, however only packs purchased before the deadline at 4 PM EST / 21:00 UTC today will be eligible.

Get your packs now so you don’t miss out on your chance to receive these three amazing new airdrop cards!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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