• Reduce the ability to “farm” rewards using a small set of cards across many different accounts
  • Increase the rewards for participating in the ranked season ladder (DEC, quest, and season rewards) across all leagues
  • Provide incentives for players to continue playing on a daily basis beyond the wins needed for the daily quest and provide incentives for players to continue playing after having achieved a high league in the current season
  1. Each Beta edition card used in a ranked battle win will provide a 5% boost to the DEC rewards earned for that battle (this change was already released last week!)
  2. Cards on 24-hour cooldown will no longer be able to be listed for rent on the rental market
  3. Chaos Legion booster packs will be added as a possible reward in daily quest and season reward loot chests starting with Silver league and up with the following probabilities (which will be taken out of the probability of receiving potions):
  • An additional change that we plan to release over the next few weeks is that the game will hide the name of your opponent in ranked battles until both players have submitted their teams. You will still be able to see the opponent’s rating and last 5 battles. We hope that this change will help prevent some of the “win trading” going on and help prevent bots or automated scripts from being able to get additional information about their opponents than is available through the game website.

Temp Accounts

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!



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