Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
  • Aggroed (CEO)
  • Cryptomancer (Developer)
  • Chatter (Head of Marketing)
  • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
  • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
  • Edii (Creative)
  • Meokon (Account Support)
  • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Main Topics:
  • Brawl & Marketing Updates 💥
  • Recent Announcements ⚡️
  • Eye Candy 👀
  • Recording:
  • Timestamps:
  • 00:50 — Team Introduction
  • 03:00 — Cryptomancer Update (Development/Brawls)
  • 17:45 — WeirdBeard Update (Brawls)
  • 30:00 — Chatter Update (Marketing)
  • 42:25 — Nateaguila Update (Creative)
  • 50:10 — Edii Intro (Creative)
  • 59:30 — Meokon (Support)
  • 1:04:05 — Q&A
  • 1:14:00 — r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • 1:22:40 — Additional Q&A
  • 2:04:00 — Closing Remarks

💥 Company Updates 💥

  • Next big enhancement to brawls will be to add SPS rewards
  • 2.5M SPS/per month allocated to brawls
  • This amount reduces 1% per month and runs for 65 months (as per whitepaper)
  • Purpose of adding SPS rewards to Brawls is to incentivize more players to play in Brawls and for brawls to move up to higher tiers
  • There will be a fixed amount of SPS per Brawl tier
  • Higher tiers will have a much higher pool compared to the lower tiers
  • SPS rewards will then be split up based on the number of guilds participating in each tier
  • “Brawls are meant to be a marathon, not a sprint” — Cryptomancer
  • Having higher payouts at the top tiers should encourage new players to want to build their deck and get to that level so they can start earning more rewards too
  • Team is tentatively shooting for August/early September for SPS rewards to be released
  • Beyond SPS rewards, team is looking into they can make all Frays be easier to fill out for Guilds
  • Alpha/Beta and Gold Foil frays appear to be the hardest to fill out
  • Another upcoming change would be making Blood and Power Stones available for Vouchers instead of just Merits
  • Team has been in talks with a bunch of different influencers to get them onboard with Splinterlands
  • OG Heartstone player, Alliestrasza, will be streaming Splinterlands on Tuesday, July 26th
  • See Announcements section for more info!
  • More information about Splinterfest should be released by next week
  • Ticket information, event information, and more of what to expect
  • 16bit & Chatter will be attending Futurist — Toronto — August 9th — 10th
  • Team is teasing a big announcement to be released on next week’s Townhall
  • Team created a new SPS Dashboard screen to replace the current one after the last airdrop occurs
  • Will contain a dashboard for SPS, Vouchers, & Nodes
  • Other current priorities are:
  • Rift Watchers
  • Land assets
  • Non-Card Market
  • Clip of the Week:
  • This Townhalls shoutouts:
  • asdfghjkiraaa (Kira)
  • oL0RDo
  • xxVIRUSxx
  • birdzbeezntreez
  • ApeOfWallSt
    This Weeks Streamer Spotlights

⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

  • Merits have been added to the reward chests since last week
  • Merits are soulbound and prevents giant bot farms from accumulating them all on one account
  • Adding merits to reward chests help collect Gladiators a little quicker than what players could before
  • Takes a large amount of Gladiators to level up so this addition should help with the slow grind
  • Team will release the Rift Watches whitepaper with all the sale information as soon as they can
  • Breakdown of the cards included in the Rift Watcher set
  • Total # of Cards: 43
  • # of Commons: 12
  • # of Rares: 12
  • # of Epics: 12 (6 Airdropped Summoners | 6 Monsters)
  • # of Legendaries: 6
  • # of Promos: 1
  • Total RW Packs Minted: 3 Million
  • Price of RW Packs: $5
  • New term coined by Aggroed — mix between “play-to-earn” and “pay-to-earn”
  • If you win battles, you will earn
  • Splinterlands caps the amount you can earn depending on your league
  • You can’t just pay more to beat someone in your league, rather you need some skill involved as well
  • In addition, the higher the league you play in, the more rewards you will earn if you win
  • The art for the rest of the CL Legendary summoners are complete
  • Yabapmatt is awaiting to assign the stats/abilities to the summoners as he analyzes the current battlefield
  • After the release of Rift Watchers, Creative team wants to change their character development pipeline
  • New pipeline will consist of including character skins like extra designs and colors


Recent Announcements

  • Streaming on Tuesday, July 26th at 3PM PST | 6PM EST
  • OG and top Heartstone player
  • Will create additional Splinterlands content in the coming weeks as well
  • Next Tale from the Tome of Chaos

Past AMA Summaries

Next AMA — Monday, August 1st, 10AM Eastern (2PM UTC)



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