We have some exciting news to share with the Splinterlands community!

We would like to announce that Splinterlands is partnering up with Waka Flocka Flame and LOAK to bring you an exclusive NFT drop! We had some serious fun creating this NFT and hope that you are as excited about it as we are!

The NFT:

The NFT will have dual-utility, acting as both a limited-edition playable card in Splinterlands, as well as a digital fashion piece that can be worn using Augmented Reality in Snapchat. The NFT will have two formats — one that acts as an in-game card and the other that acts as an external fashion NFT collectible. The NFT will be transferable between Splinterlands and WAX wallets and both regular and gold versions of the NFT will exist.

How To Purchase:

The Waka Spiritblade NFT will be released for sale at 12pm EST / 17:00 UTC on Thursday, February 24th, 2022 in the Splinterlands store. The sale will be conducted in 2 phases. The first phase will consist of 500 cards being sold in the new Splinterlands’ voucher store. 480 regular foil cards and 20 gold foil cards will be sold. During the first phase of the sale, the cards will be sold for 5000 SPS AND 500 VOUCHER tokens. Said SPS will need to be unstaked and liquid in the account and the VOUCHERs will also need to be held in the Splinterlands account to purchase the card. Upon purchasing a card, there is a chance that it will be unpacked as a gold foil instead of a regular foil card.

Once the first 500 NFTs are sold in the Splinterlands’ store, the last 500 NFTs will be released on Splinterlands’ AtomicHub storefront in order to highlight the collectible fashion portion of the NFT that also includes the Snapchat QR code. The timing, pricing, and other details of the sale on AtomicHub will be announced after the in-game sale is completed. This is where the remaining 480 regular foil editions and 20 gold foil editions can be purchased. In the AtomicHub store, both the regular and gold foil cards will be sold separately.

Splinterlands Utility:

The Waka Flocka NFT can be purchased in–game (first sale phase) or be sent from WAX to a Splinterlands account (second sale phase). Upon being purchased in, or transferred in the game, the NFT will appear in the user’s card collection. Depending on whether the user obtains the regular or gold version of the NFT, the NFT will present itself as a regular or gold foil card within Splinterlands.

Now for the part that you have been waiting for… the card itself! Introducing Waka Spiritblade, a legendary 3-cost death summoner with the poison ability! This ability will apply to all of your monsters on the field and will provide a 50% chance of them poisoning enemy monsters on hit, dealing additional damage to poisoned monsters at the beginning of each round once the ability has been applied. The Waka Spiritblade card will fit into the Promo collection but will have the same combine/burn rates as Chaos Legion cards. We would also like to note that all of the Waka Flocka NFTs that are sold will be MAX LEVEL. Needless to say, he is going to be feared by many players.

LOAK Utility:

When the Waka Spiritblade NFT is exported to a WAX wallet, the NFT will become a video of the wearable Waka Flocka headpiece, with a scannable QR code that allows the user to wear the augmented reality NFT in Snapchat! Users can wear the headpiece as an AR filter and share it with their friends to use as well. Depending on whether the user buys the regular or gold version of the NFT, it will present itself either as a silver or gold metallic version of the headpiece.

Moving The NFT On Blockchain:

To transfer Splinterlands cards from the game to your WAX blockchain wallet, you can click on the type of card you want to send in your collection page on the Splinterlands website, check off the specific cards you want to transfer and press the “Send Cards” icon. Then you can choose “WAX Blockchain” from the dropdown list and click “Send”. This will transfer the cards to the WAX blockchain wallet linked to your Splinterlands game account. If you do not have a WAX blockchain wallet linked to your Splinterlands game account it will prompt you to link one before the cards are sent.

To transfer Splinterlands cards from a WAX blockchain wallet to your Splinterlands game account so that they can be used in the game, you can use the following tool on the AtomicHub website: https://splinterlands.atomichub.io/tools/overview/splinterlands/deposit

How to Get SPS and VOUCHER Tokens

The first phase of the sale will require both SPS and VOUCHER tokens to purchase the Waka Spiritblade NFTs. SPS tokens can be obtained for free by simply holding Splinterlands game assets via the daily airdrop, or they can be purchased through various external, third-party cryptocurrency exchanges. Click the “+” button next to your SPS balance at the top of the Splinterlands website to see all of the available purchasing options.

VOUCHER tokens can be obtained by staking SPS tokens in your in-game account and are dropped to SPS token stakers on a daily basis. They can also be purchased from other players via the TribalDex website.

Please note that starting with the next daily VOUCHER token drop, the amount of tokens awarded will no longer be limited to a max of 1M staked SPS tokens per account.

About Splinterlands:

Splinterlands is a unique digital trading card game that allows players to truly own their cards and other in-game assets. Thanks to web 3.0 technology powered by the HIVE blockchain, each card in Splinterlands is a non-fungible token owned by a player. That means that players can do anything they want with their cards, including battling for rewards, holding as collectibles, trading on the peer-to-peer markets and combining to level them up. Players can trade anytime, battle anywhere and earn every win — the power is in your hands.

To join Splinterlands and enter the fray, join their Discord here: https://discord.gg/splinterlands

About LOAK:

LOAK is a digital merchandise company that partners with creators to help them develop exclusive NFT merch and connect with their global audiences. LOAK wearables are collectible pieces of fashion that can be worn in Augmented Reality and are minted on the blockchain as NFTs, guaranteeing permanent authenticity. In addition to being valuable collectibles, LOAK NFTs can grant access to an exclusive concert, transform into a legendary video game character, or be used as a fashion statement when worn in AR. The possibilities are endless! LOAK is positioned at the intersection of art, technology, merchandise and gaming; which has led them to produce wearable NFTs with some of society’s most talented and influential creators like Waka Flocka Flame, Kalani Robb, Splinterlands, Desiigner, Chase The Money and many more.

To become a part of the LOAK community and to stay updated on LOAK’s Splinterlands launch, join their Discord here: https://discord.gg/GxM62jz4P

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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